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How to Choose the Best Knife Sharpeners That Will Make Your Life Easier

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I can remember my “dull-knife” experience vividly like it was yesterday. It was on Christmas Eve and me and my girlfriend had bought a whole turkey in preparation for Christmas since some family members were coming.

We set the turkey meat on the kitchen table and started cutting it into smaller pieces. The knife was blunt and therefore the process proved to be a lot harder than we thought. The turkey meat kept swaying side by side and I was exerting more force that at one point the knife bounced off my hand and grazed my girlfriend’s hand.

I shuddered at the thought of what kind of damage the knife would have done had it landed somewhere else delicate. We stopped the whole process and decided to go search for the best knife sharpener.

Luckily there was a supermarket nearby that sold different types of knife sharpeners. It stocked two main kinds, there was the electric knife sharpener and the sharpening stones. The attendant at the store went ahead to explain the difference between the two and how to sharpen knives.

Electric Sharpeners
electric knife sharpener
The electric sharpeners came with different slots, ranging between 1 to 3. The slots are where you insert the knives for sharpening with the first slot being a coarse grit one and the last one being a finer grit one. The coarse grit is used for sharpening very dull edges and you proceed to the finer grit slot to bring out a more smooth edge on a not so dull knife. The main advantage of the electric sharpener was that it was easy to use and fast. You could get a knife sharpened in about 90 seconds. The downside to it was the price as it was more pricey.

Sharpening Stone
knife sharpener
The sharpening stone consisted of a rectangular block of stone made mainly from diamond or ceramics. It also consisted of two different sides. A coarse grit side for dull edges and a fine grit side for less dull edges. It was way cheaper than the electric sharpener, smaller in size but it took more time to get the job done. You also had to be a little skillful when sharpening so as to get a fine finish.

So when it got down to choosing there was the issue of price, performance and the ease of use. We opted for the electric knife sharpener because of the ease of use and performance and it sure did a good job.

Oh yes, Christmas came and we had the most delicious turkey and everybody seemed happy.

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Saving Money with a Bread Machine

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bread-slicedWhen I moved out of my parents’ house, I had to learn how to survive. My mom gave me a few items that I desperately needed to begin life on my own. At some point, however, I had to buy every other thing that my small house needed. Needless to say, I have already bought most of the things. However, needs are always cropping up- I guess that’s just how life is. Just when I thought that I had purchased everything I needed, I realized that there are so many things that I still need.

For instance, I felt the urgency of owning a bread machine. My friend Janet has always purchased her appliances from online stores. For once, I thought, why not try it out? I have always been afraid of scams- they are everywhere on the Internet anyway. According to her, it’s just a matter of exercising caution. After giving Janet a call, I gathered several tips and tricks. One of the things that she advised me to do was to read several best bread maker reviews.

As advised, I constructed a list of good bread machines. Of course, this meant putting several factors into consideration. Some of these factors include; the size of the bread machine, ease of use, the taste of the bread as well as the availability of additional, yet useful features. The durability of the machine is an aspect that also came into play. At the very least, the last thing I wanted was an appliance that would snap after a few days of use.

As you must have realized the opinion of other users was critical, if not mandatory. I looked for reviews of the bread machines I had on my list. Reading about the experience of other people brought me to speed as far as the various models were concerned. Most importantly, I read both negative and positive reviews to have a clear picture of what to expect. No product is perfect. For this reason, it is wise not to raise your expectations so high. The reviews were very useful because they helped me set my expectations.

Well, I eventually purchased a small Zojirushi bread maker. I no longer have to buy bread and this has significantly reduced my expenses.

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Choosing the Best Espresso Maker

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Many factors must be taken into consideration in deciding which machine is the best espresso maker. A few machines which are superior from all aspects are the Breville BES870XL Barista Express, SAECO HD8753/87 Philips Intellia and the Rancilio HSD-SILIVIA Espresso Machine.

SAECO HD8753/87
best espresso maker

Starting of with the third best machine, the SAECO HD8753/87. This machine is a rather expensive product, but with valid reasons. The machine offers a high quality construction, numerous features and the best end results for all types of coffee lovers. The easy to use machine can be simply operated by the 1 touch buttons and automatic refill technology to leave most of the hard work to the machine. The strength and the temperature of the coffee can be adjusted to near perfection as per your requirements and you will find yourself experiencing the most minor and finest of details in the espresso with 1 little tweak to the settings. The machine is one of the best professional espresso makers in the market, without any doubt. The only shortcomings of the machine are essentially SAECO’s high pricing and the very rare clogging or grinding failure, apart from which, the machine is almost the perfect espresso maker.


Grabbing the second spot, is the Rancilio HSD-SILIIVIA. This machine is one of the few rare gems in the coffee making business and ideal for use at home and commercially both. What sets the machine apart, is the high quality professional espresso service in no time. It has a strong body with stainless steel side panels for long lasting durability. The reasonable pricing is fairly deceptive for a professional espresso machine which has commercial grade components such as the 58 mm portafilter. The 12 oz brass boiler provides exceptional steaming strength and fast recovery time. The machine is fairly easy to use with the 3 button interface and a commercially designed steam knob to steam milk for a perfect coffee experience. Due to its heavy popularity and occurrences in many top selling charts, the machine has several guides and tutorials available as to how to use it, this makes it possible to get the most out of the machine even for the new coffee enthusiasts.

Breville BES870XL Barista
best espresso maker

And finally, topping the list is the Breville BES870XL Barista. This moderately priced machine provides superior performance, several features and consistent end results which are perfect. A 15 bar Italian pump and 1600 watt thermal coil heating system provide you unlimited control over your coffee. The sealed been hopper and stainless steel conical grinder help in ensuring a strong, sturdy and optimal structure for the machine. The machine serves one of the richest and most flavorful coffee experiences. It is the most reliable and efficient machine, ideal for use at home and office. This breville espresso maker offers amazing features for the price tag on it, making it the best espresso maker and the best buy. It is a highly recommended product for both novice and expert coffee makers.

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Different Kinds Of Stainless Steel Cookware I Have

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With countless number of cookware brands available in the market, picking one brand is a tough job. But if you are looking for a durable cookware that is affordable, then All Clad cookware is the best in the market. All Clad Cookware is a unique bonded cookware that is trusted by millions of people all around the world. Finest material is used to create every single piece for efficiency and quality. They are durable and perfect for everyday use.

All Clad is an American brand that has been in the industry for more than 40 years now. All Clad produces a variety of cookware pieces using various metals with unique properties, you can check out these reviews on best stainless steel cookware set. This cookware is made with layers of metals and alloys for brilliant conduction. They are safe to handle and look impressive. All the pieces from sauce pans to frying have a long stay-cool handle to minimize the risk of mishaps.

best cookware - all clad cookware

All Clad cookware is made for home and professional use. They are resistant to wear and tear. The exterior surface is much durable. They need minimum maintenance and are dishwasher safe. The exteriors are compatible to induction cooking and traditional cooktop.

The Stainless Steel collection is made with 18/10 stainless steel material. This All Clad cookware is made for stylish home that can also be used for professional cooking. The Stainless Steel cookware efficiently distributes the heat faster than a regular cookware and is great option for induction cooktop. They have large variety of products including sauce pans, non-stick fry pans, oval roaster, skillets, stockpots, and casseroles.

The MC2 or Master Chef is a highly coveted set with classic design, light weight material and great cooking performance. They have a matte-finish and aluminum exterior for faster heat distribution. All the pieces are featured with a long stay-cool handles to keep you safe.

The Copper-Core is the most innovative set of All Clad cookware. The use of five-ply design makes for even distribution of heat and avoids hot spots. Pure copper core spreads the heat quickly across the bottoms to all the way up the sides. It is a great option for professional chef as well as a home-trained cook that comes with a Lifetime warranty.

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How I Bought the Best Cookware after Reading Cookware Reviews Online

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It has been several years since I changed my frying pans, saucepans and several other cookware items that I use regularly in my kitchen. I thought may be I should visit several stores that sell kitchen equipment, but I was facing a serious challenge of limited time. I was bust with my everyday work and any limited time was reserved for my young family. Then I knew there was one great way to help me achieve my goals-read through cookware reviews. A was glad that I opted to check online because there were pretty many suggestions that helped me choose the right kitchen equipment effortlessly.

I had several criteria for choosing the right kind of cooking criteria. I really needed a good cookware and not just any other induction cookware that is available in the market. I was able to rate one as good or bad depending on whether it would handle a particular task superbly well. As a matter of fact, some cookware is great for some tasks and horrible when it comes to other tasks. I wanted something that can heat and cool pretty quickly. Also, I wanted a vessel that offers curved sides. Cast iron cookware looks like a good option for now.


I knew that a pressure cooker was a prerequisite to me. I would consider it to be the most basic of cookware item that I required for my kitchen. Also, the material which the cookware is made of was of great significance to me. There were various choices such as copper, aluminum and stainless steel. However, stainless steel took a top spot because of their durability, easy to clean and the ability of the material to conduct heat the natural way I knew it was a poor conductor than copper and aluminum, but other properties that are associated with it were a massive attraction to me. Stainless steel material can also be used in many situations such as in the oven, when doing open baking and when heating food from the sides.

The size also mattered most to me. I wanted cookware that could serve the needs of my family and also be of help whenever I have visitors around. I took my time and compared the sizes that were available. I went for the medium sizes that could serve me in different scenarios quite well.

Nonetheless, I was not in the market for cookware to splash a lot of money. I wanted options that were moderately priced and which could offer me real value for my money. I’m glad that I was able to make the best decision based on the invaluable information that I found by reading cookware reviews online.

Read the best cookware recommendations here, Cook with Tina.
More consumer reviews at Lavues.

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Make A Living From Selling Rice Cookers

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Starting my own rice cooker supply outlet is one of the things I have always wanted. I have been employed in the same industry and I had over the years seen my own boss mint millions of dollars from just selling the best rice cookers. Rice being a staple food to a number of people, rice cooker is a necessity; I had seen the business rose through all the ranks and become one of the biggest in the country. It was after I resigned from my position that I decided to go into the same business. I had all the skills, plus, I knew all the ins and outs of running similar business. I talked to a number of my friends and they all gave me a go ahead. Two weeks after I made up my mind and it was all system go; I had identified one of the best locations in town, and all I was left with was stocking the store.

Since we wanted to provide the best, together with my wife, we went through the best rice cooker review and we finally managed to single out the best. When everything was set, through a number of our friends, we spread the word. Although the first month was a bit rocky, we finally managed to gain our position in the market and customers started coming. As a business, we are destined for greatness, whether someone is looking for the best rice cookers or just want together glimpse on some of the latest rice cookers in the market, we have become a sort of reference point. In fact, if all goes well, we are go n to edge well over other major suppliers in town including the one I worked for and all because of the best rice cookers we are offering.

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Best Kitchen Knives Always Belong to Somebody Else

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I used to think like that till I received these knives. I’d bought so many that I did not trust this set would be any better. Cooking was always a painful chore simply because chopping vegetables and meat took ages. I promised myself everyday that in not too distant future we will go on a vacation to Switzerland and I would buy me a nice set of knives there.
Two years ago, my husband’s friend came for training here. Actually, he came along with his wife, and they stayed with us for two months. His wife is from Asia, India to be more precise. Last year, she sent me a set of kitchen knives. I’d never expressed my dislike for cooking and chopping vegetables to her, even though she understood English alright. I never thought that these knives from a country like India would turn out to be the best kitchen knives I’ve ever owned.

Now, I have ample time to devote to my hobbies and have recently completed stitching some cushion covers. My sister-in-law was here a few months ago, and she was also impressed with these knives. India never struck us as a country that could be making such knives. I have not had to sharpen these knives at all, and these look good enough for another 5 years if not 10. My sister-in-law was wondering if I could ask that lady to send another set for her, and much as I want to, it does seem an odd favor to ask from somebody whom I do not know too well.

In the meanwhile, I am making friends with a few Indians out here to find out exactly how to go about ordering knives like this from India. I do have the case in which the knives were packed, and the address is also mentioned on it, but there is no phone number, website address, or email address to follow up with the company. A month ago, I sent a letter to the company for details but so far I have not received any reply. I am presuming that the letter got lost somewhere. All I can say is, don’t presume that the best kitchen knives come only from most advanced countries.

If you’re looking for the best recommendation, try to check out kitchen knives reviews here.

More information: Buying Advice

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